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S.No. Topics No. Topics
1 ASIC Flow 1 ASIC Design flow
2 Physical Design flow in Details
3 Inputs for Physical Design
4 Sanity checks before floorplan in Physical Design
2 Files in VLSI 5 Inputs files required for PnR and Signoffs
3* Inputs for Physical Design
6 LIB file in VLSI
7 LEF file in VLSI
8 DEF file in VLSI
9 SDC file in VLSI
10 Clock Tree Constraints File


Issues in VLSI

 11 Latchup issue in VLSI
13 Latchup prevention techniques in VLSI
## Well tap cells and latchup prevention mechanism
14 Antenna effect in VLSI
15 Antenna prevention techniques in VLSI
16 Electromigration effect in VLSI
17 Signal Intigrity and crosstalk effect in VLSI
18 Crosstalk Noise and crosstalk delay effect
19 Crosstalk timign window analysis and prevention techniques
20 IR drop analysis in VLSI
21 OCV in Physical Design


Standard Cell

23 Standard cells library for ASIC Design
24 Standard cells in ASIC Design
25 Well Tap cells in Physical Design
26 EndCap/Boundry cells in Physica Design
27 Decap cells in Physical Design
28 Spare Cells in Physical Design
29 Integrated Clock Gating (ICG) Cell in VLSI
30 Tie Cells in Physical Design
31 Multi-bit flip flops Vs Single-bit flip flops
32 Flip-flop and Latch : Internal structures and Functions


S.No. Topics No. Topics
5 Short Topics  33 Temperature Inversion in VLSI
31* Multi-bit flip flops Vs Single bit flip flops
6 Pre Placement 34 Floorplan Strategy for macro dominating blocks
35 Pre placement activities in VLSI Design
36 Module Constraint types : Guide, Fence and Region
7 Placement 37 Placement Steps in VLSI
8 CTS 38 Clock Tree Constraints in VLSI
9 STA ## Setup and Hold violation
## Setup fixing Techniques
## Hold Fixing Techniques 
39 IO Interfece analysis: IO constraints on block level
10 ECO  ## How to implement ECO in Physical Design
40 ECO flow in Physical Design
11 Linux 41 Top 20 TCL syntax helpful to improve TCL scripting skills for VLSI Engineers
## Basics of sed commands
## Basics of awk command
## Basics of grep command
42 50 Most usefull commands fro VLSI Engineers
12 EDA Tools 43 TSMC 7nm, 16nm and 28nm Technology node comparisons
44 Installation of Synopsys tools
## Installation of MentorGraphics tools
## Installation of Cadence tools
45 EDA tools in ASIC Industries
13 Interview Section 46* Physical Design Interview Question for experience level 3 Years, Question Set -10
46 Interview questions for experienced Physical Design Engineer, Question set – 9
47 Physical Design Interview Questions for 3 years experience , Question set – 8
48 Physical Design Interview Questions : Question set -7
49 Written Test Question for Physical Design Engineer: Question Set – 6
50 Synthesis and Physical Design Interview Questions: Question Set -5
51 Physical Verification Interview Questions : Question set – 4
52 Physical Verification Interview Questions : Question set – 3
53 Physical Verification Interview Questions : Question set – 2
54 Logic Synthesis and Physical Design Interview Questions : Question set – 1
55 Basic Dos and Don’ts for Freshers in VLSI Interview
14 Books and Articles  56 Best 25 books on VLSI Design
57 Top 5 books for Physical Design Engineer
15 VLSI Industry 58 Top EDA Companies in India
59 Top VLSI Product Companies in India
60 Top VLSI Service Companies in India


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