Placement Steps in Physical Design

Placement is a very important stage of physical design where all the standard cells get placed inside the core boundary. Overall QoR of the design greatly depends on the fact that how well placement is done. You must have noticed that the placement stage takes quite a large runtime. Actually, the tool performs various steps … Read more

Pre-placement Activities in Physical Design

 In a broader sense, PnR (Place and Route) stage in physical design is basically Placement and Routing of all the instances present in the netlist in a defined core area in such a way that it should meet design rules and timing requirements. But before starting the actual automatic placement of instances by the PnR … Read more

Sanity Checks before Floorplan in Physical Design

Sanity checks are an important step for physical design engineers to make sure that the inputs received for physical design are correct and consistent. Any issues in the input files may cause problems in the later stages. So it is important to perform the sanity checks in the initial stage that is when the design … Read more

ASIC Design Flow – An Overview

In this post, ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) Design flow has been explained. The very first step of ASIC flow is design specification, which comes from the customer end. Where customer writes down the specification of the chip basically the functionality which he wants to develop in a chip.  The whole design process is going through various … Read more