ECO Flow in Physical Design

 The tapeout is the final stage of the physical design process which definitely gives a big mental relax to the entire team involved in the project. The process of sending a clean layout file in form of gds/oasis to the foundry for fabrication after passing all the checks set by the foundry is termed as … Read more

Floorplan Strategies for Macro Dominating Blocks

 A physical design engineer’s main focus is to achieve a decent Quality of Result (QoR) and optimized Power Performance and Area (PPA). The start of this journey begins with the Floorplan steps. What will you achieve at the end of PnR is depends on how good your floorplan is. In case of a macro dominating … Read more

Pre-placement Activities in Physical Design

 In a broader sense, PnR (Place and Route) stage in physical design is basically Placement and Routing of all the instances present in the netlist in a defined core area in such a way that it should meet design rules and timing requirements. But before starting the actual automatic placement of instances by the PnR … Read more