VLSI Service Companies in India | Top 40 VLSI Service companies

 If you are looking for a job change or you are a fresher and wanted to enter the VLSI Industry, then this article will help you a lot. It is difficult to find the company details or even a list of VLSI companies working in India. In this article, we have tried to prepare a list of all the well-known service companies working in India. We have also included the basic details of all the companies like the year of inception of the company, the City where the company has offices, the LinkedIn page link, and the website of companies.

Let me explain how this article could be useful to find the companies to where should you apply. First I would like to recommend you make a decent LinkedIn profile and let’s connect to people in your domain.  You will find the official LinkedIn page of each company, you can go to the company’s official LinkedIn page by just clicking the hyperlink provided in the list. You are suggested to follow the company so that you will get the feed when those companies post any openings on LinkedIn. By following the company on LinkedIn you will get updates on the job posts by the company.

You can also follow/connect to the recruiters of those companies where you want to join. You can make connections to the people of those companies. Further, you can also ask for a reference if you know someone on LinkedIn and working where you want to apply. Believe me, a reference has a very good impact and If you have matching experience or skill set, you can easily get the interview call.

S.No company name Inception office in India Offices outside India LinkedIn Website
1 eInfochips
Acquired by Arrow Electronics
in 2018
1994 Ahmedabad, Bangalore,
Pune, Hyderabad, Noida,
Kolkata, Bhubneshwar
USA, Japan LinkedIn Website
2 Eximius Design
Acquired by Wipro
in 2020
2013 Bangalore, Ahmedabad, USA, Malaysia LinkedIn Website
3 OpenFive
(Formerly Open-Silicon)
Acquired by SiFive in 2020
2003 Bangalore, Pune USA, Israel
France, China
Korea, Taiwan
LinkedIn Website
4 Sankalp Semiconductor
Acquired by HCL Technologies
in 2019
2005 Bangalore, Kolkata USA LinkedIn Website
5 Synapse Design Inc.
Acquired by QuEST Global
in 2021
2003 Bangalore, Ahmedabad USA, China
Europe, Japan
Malaysia, Vietnam
LinkedIn Website
6 Cerium Systems
Acquired by Tech Mahindra
in 2020
2013 Bangalore, Cochin,
USA, Malaysia LinkedIn Website
7 SeviTech Systems
Acquired by UST Global
in 2018
2013 Bangalore, Hyderabad LinkedIn Website
8 Altran Technology
Acquired by Capgemini Engineering
in 2019
1982 Bangalore France, China, LinkedIn Website
9 Cypress Semiconductor Crop
Acquired by Infineon Technology
in 2020
1982 Bangalore, Chennai,
Noida, Mumbai
USA, Japan,
China, Europe
LinkedIn Website
10 Graphene Semiconductor
Acquired by L&T Technology Service
in 2018
2013 Bangalore USA, Europe,
Israel, China
Singapore, Taiwan
LinkedIn Website
11 wafer Space
Acquired by ALTEN Calsoft Labs,
in 2019
2011 Bangalore USA LinkedIn Website
12 Mirafra Technologies 2004 Bangalore, Hyderabad USA, Singapore LinkedIn Website
13 Insemi Technology 2013 Bangalore NA LinkedIn Website
14 Moschip 1999 Hyderabad, Bangalore USA LinkedIn Website
15 Digicomm Semiconductor 2012 Bangalore, Pune,
Hyderabad, Noida
USA LinkedIn Website
S.No company name Inception office in India Offices outside India LinkedIn Website
16 SignOff Semiconductors 2015 Bangalore USA LinkedIn Website
17 PerfactVIP 2010 Bangalore, Bhubaneswar
Ahmedabad, Noida
USA LinkedIn Website
18 TrueChip 2008 Noida, Bangalore USA LinkedIn Website
19 Infineon Technologie 1999 Bangalore, Chennai,
Noida, Mumbai
USA, Japan,
China, Europe
LinkedIn Website
20 Smart SOC 2016 Bangalore USA, Europe,
Singapore, Malaysia,
South Koria
LinkedIn Website
21 Ensilica 2001 Bangalore USA, Europe LinkedIn Website
22 ASM Technologies 1968 Bangalore USA, Singapore,
UK, Canada,
Mexico, Japan
LinkedIn Website
23 SPEL 1988 Chennai
USA, Europe,
LinkedIn Website
24 Spicaworks 2018 Bangalore, Noida,
USA LinkedIn Website
25 DXCorr Design Inc 2005 Bangalore USA, Japan LinkedIn Website
26 SkandySys 2017 Bangalore NA LinkedIn Website
27 Igniterium 2012 Bangalore, Kochi USA LinkedIn Website
28 Adept Chip Services 2011 Bangalore USA LinkedIn Website
29 Chip logic 2018 Bangalore UK LinkedIn Website
30 Incise Infotech 2010 Noida, Bangalore LinkedIn Website
S.No company name Inception office in India Offices outside India LinkedIn Website
31 ChipOn Time Technologies 2019 Bangalore NA LinkedIn Website
32 Marquee Semiconductor 2019 Bhubaneswar USA, Singapore,
LinkedIn Website
33 Pozibility Technologies 2016 Bangalore USA LinkedIn Website
34 BitSilica 2019 Hyderabad LinkedIn Website
35 Laksh Semiconductors 2016 Bangalore, Hyderabad LinkedIn Website
36 NikSperri Technologies 2020 Bangalore LinkedIn Website
37 Soctronics Hyderabad, Bangalore USA LinkedIn Website
38 Alpha-Numero Bangalore, Ahmedabad,
USA LinkedIn Website
39 Masamb 2007 Noida, Bangalore LinkedIn Website
40 Blueberry Semiconductors 2017 Bangalore LinkedIn Website
41 BloomConn 2021 Ahmedabad LinkedIn Website
42 Excel VLSI Technology 2017 Bangalore LinkedIn Website
43 Siliconus Technologies 2016 Bangalore LinkedIn Website
44 Sivaltech 2016 Bangalore USA LinkedIn Website
45 Cientra 2015 Bangalore USA, Europe LinkedIn Website
46 Pronesis Technologies 2014 Ahmedabad Singapore LinkedIn Website
47 Sibridge Technologies 2007 Ahmedabad USA LinkedIn Website
48 Ngage Micro’s  Bangalore USA LinkedIn Website
49 Cyient Technologies Bangalore, USA, Europe LinkedIn Website
50 LeadSOC Bangalore, Hyderabad LinkedIn Website

There are many more companies and I might miss their name in this list. I am requesting my readers if you find any name is missing, you may add their name in comment section, I will add them to the list.

Thank you.

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  1. KarMic – karnataka microelectronics design centre.
    May be 90% of these companies were established after KarMic.

    Training, setting up life of freshers…. and NO POACHING for making money. You missed a big one.

  2. The content in this page was quite informative but can u please tell me whether this listing was done according to the companies rating and number of projects taken up by the company or you have just listed them randomly??

    • Hi Rakesh,
      To rate the company and provide orders accordingly is not an easy job. Here I have listed the company name only, the order does not matter here.

  3. Pozibilty Technologies is not service based company it is fraud they dont have proper office in bangalore they are operating from home please delete this company it is fraud company


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