Physical Design Interview Questions for 3 years experience , Question set – 8


Code: EXIM4Y062021PD

Experience level : 3 years
      1. Brief Introduction and major projects?
      2. Tell me the most challenging part of your recent project
      3. How does the lockup latch help to fix hold violations?
      4. If we add a lockup latch, it might violate the setup? How will we fix it further?
      5. How did you fix SigEM? What are patch wires?
      6. What CTS constraints have you used?
      7. How did you fix the setup violation?
      8. Apart from setup and hold, what other checks do we perform in timing signoff?
      9. What are the PV checks?
      10. What are the sanity checks we do before starting PnR?


    1. What are the reports of synthesis we check before PnR?
    2. What are the physical cells we have used in PD and what are the uses of all those?
    3. What is the latch-up issue and how well tap cells prevent latchup?
    4. What is the endCap cell and what is the purpose of using that?
    5. What is Dcap Cell and why do we use it?
    6. What is the antenna effect?
    7. What are the ways to fix the antenna effect?
    8. How do antenna diodes help to fix the antenna violations?
    9. If we have timing criticality and we can’t use antenna diodes or floating gates, How can we fix the antenna?
    10. If antenna violation is already the highest metal layer and we can use higher metal for metal hopping, how will fix the antenna?
    11. How will you fix the antenna violations on via?
    12. What is a metal cut layer?
    13. What is the crosstalk delay?
    14. What is the crosstalk noise?





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