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In any modern electronic chip, there are multimillion logic gates inside it. To handle the design part of any such chips engineers need to take the help of CAD tools. The CAD tools used for ASIC development is called Electronic Design and Automation (EDA) tools. 

In the ecosystem of the semiconductor industry, EDA companies play a vital role. All the service/product companies take support from these EDA companies to develop any chip. The EDA companies are very specialized to solve new challenges especially related to a new technology node. Some EDA companies also work on the IP development side also along with tools development and support. 

In this article, we have listed the top 10 EDA companies along with their basic details like their offices and India and offshore, their LinkedIn page and their website. Hope this article will help you to explore the EDA sector.


S.N Company name Inception Offices in India Offices Outside India LinkedIn Website
1 Cadence Design Systems 1988 Noida, Bengaluru
Pune, Ahmedabad
USA, Europe,
Malaysia, Singapore,
Korea, Taiwan
LinkedIn Website
2 Synopsys Inc 1986 Bengaluru, Noida
Hyderabad, Pune
USA, Canada
Europe, China
Singapore, Korea
Taiwan, Japan
LinkedIn Website
3 Mentor Graphics
Acuired by
Siemens EDA
In 2017
1981 Noida Bengaluru
USA, Canada
Europe, Taiwan
Japan Rusia
LinkedIn Website
4 Xilinx 1984 Hyderabad, Bengaluru USA, Europe,
China, Japan
Singapore, Korea
LinkedIn Website
5 Ansys 1970 Mulshi (Maharastra)
Bengaluru, Pune
Hyderabad, Noida
Canada, USA
Europe, China
Singapore, Japan
Korea Taiwan
LinkedIn Website
6 Keysight Technologies 2014 Bengaluru, Kolkata
USA, Europe,
China, Malaysia
Taiwan, Singapore,
Korea, Japan
LinkedIn Website
7 Silvaco Inc 1984 Bengaluru USA, Brazil
Japan, Taiwan
Korea, China
Singapore, Europe
LinkedIn Website
8 Dorado Design Automation
Acquired by
2003 Bengaluru USA, China LinkedIn Website
9 Agnisys Inc. 2007 Noida USA, Europe,
China, Taiwan
Korea, Japan
LinkedIn Website
10 Aldec 1984 Bengaluru USA, Europe,
LinkedIn Website

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